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Flow Zone Dance Studio LLC is a Hip Hop & Street Style Dance Studio in Anchorage, Alaska. This dance studio is focused on Hip-hop dance education. This studio's owners and dance coaches strive to provide high-quality dance education. The goal of Flow Zone Dance Studio is to provide Hip-Hop knowledge and opportunities for growth for the dancers in Alaska.  The name “Flow Zone” was created by Frozen Flow. Frozen Flow was established in 2017 by Jeremy Viray, Diana Reyes, and Jermine Bulaong and has been an active dance crew since then. Flow Zone welcomes all dancers to come learn and have a great time #intheflowzone


Ives Viray | Co-Owner



Peace, my name is Jeremy Ives Viray better known as B-Boy “Icey Ives,” I am a Filipino American born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. I was introduced to this art form known as Breaking at a local recreational center in 2007. Ever since then, my love and passion grew for Breaking. I have traveled to over 10 states and 13 countries as a world-renowned breaking competitor. I am a Redbull-sponsored dancer and am very blessed to represent Alaska. When I am not traveling for dance competitions, I give back to my local community by teaching young Alaskan dancers in hopes of inspiring and motivating individuals to help evolve their craft. I also lecture at Universities and High Schools to speak about my story and the perspectives I have experienced with my journey in Hip-Hop. As a true student of Hip-Hop culture and life in general, I hope to leave my mark knowing that I did not only do this for myself but family, culture, and my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. @bboyives |

Diana Reyes | Co-Owner



Hello, my name is Diana Reyes. I am a Salvadoran American born in Kodiak Island but raised in Anchorage. I was introduced to dance as a freshman in High School. I trained and learned various dance styles through the amazing East High Dance Contempo Program. After high school, I continued to train and evolve my craft by entering local competitions and attending classes out of state. I have won multiple all-style competitions within this community and have been traveling out of state to further my experience in competing in the all-style category. In the community, I work with the East High Dance Contempo Program as the assistant director. I enjoy teaching and creating choreography and have been in that position for the past seven years. I also enjoy house dancing and a goal of mine is to provide accurate house history and foundation to our dance community. Aside from dancing, I am a Registered Nurse. Dance has changed my life and I hope to inspire many local dancers to reach for the stars. @y_dianareyes

Cherish DeBord | COACH



Hi all, my name is Cherish DeBord. I am Alaska Native, born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. I started my dance journey in 2006 at Underground Dance Company, then began coaching the upcoming generation of dancers in 2009. I love sharing my passion of dance with my students. I believe in always being a student, and thus have trained in various classes throughout the West Coast in order to stay relevant within our community. I have competed with my teams in local and national competitions, bringing home various awards from 1st, 2nd, 3rd places, along with Choreography, Judges Choice, and Music awards during competition. Along with coaching and directing here at Flow Zone, also the street-style instructor at Mat-Valley Dance in Palmer, Alaska. I am also a proud single mother of a beautiful son. I want to always provide a loving and inclusive space for all of our students. @cherishlovesdance

Toby Carrillo | COACH



One love, my name is Toby Carrillo. I am a Filipino American, born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. My dance journey started at the age of 5 in Filipino cultural dancing, then I started formally taking hip hop and street style dance at the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2013. Since then I have been dancing, instructing, and coaching at Underground Dance Company as well as other studios and schools within the Anchorage community. Aside from dancing, I am a certificated teacher in the Anchorage School District. Just as in my classroom, I'm always working to create a positive and safe family environment for the students within the studio to cultivate a love of growth and lifelong learning. @tobeezy907

Aimee Chico | COACH



What's up everyone, my name is Aimee Chico. I am a proud Filipino American born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. I grew up performing Filipino cultural dances for the community and was later introduced to other styles of dance in 2014. I have been training in street style dance for 8 years and freestyling for 4 years. Along with this, I have competed and won numerous dance competitions and freestyle battles. As I continued my training at Underground Dance Company, I began coaching teams in 2019. I enjoy teaching and working with kids and I am currently an employee in the Anchorage School District working towards my degree in Elementary Education. My goal is to help lead the next generation of dancers to continue learning and evolving in Hip Hop culture. @aimeechico

Jermine Bulaong | COACH



Greetings and blessings! My given name is Jermine Bulaong, also known as B-boy Jermz. I am a first-generation Filipino-American born and raised in the heart of Anchorage, Alaska. I grew up in hip-hop culture with my siblings but did not participate in dance (specifically, breaking) until 2007 at my local rec center. From that day forward, I’ve showcased my passion across the states and overseas; winning some, losing some, and most importantly, gaining experience and knowledge. Behind the scenes, I’ve worked with community leaders helping host competitions and events, hoping to inspire the youth to believe in themselves and their dreams. My mentors have always paid it forward to me, influencing that I do the same and remember that I am always a student. Aside from dance, I’m a barber specialist at AB Hair Studio, keeping my community as fresh as possible! @_jermz.b

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